In the future everyone will be perfect, no one will suffer from hunger or desease. At least, that is what those above want you to believe. In truth, in the gigantic city of the Mega-Complex there's a secret war between mega-corps and other groups of power. Mutants, also called teratomorphs, work as contractors for them, doing their dirty job.
In Disgenesia you play as one of this teratomorphs. You will have amazing mutations, but also, you'll be rejected by the eugenic society of the Mega-Complex.
Disgenesia is an appealing setting for all the cyberpunk fans, where cybernetic implants are replaced by mutations and genetic augmentations. It presents an easy to learn, dynamic and complete game system.
Disgenesia is a setting for Tropas Gal√°cticas, written by Aldo Ojeda for the Cyberpunk Revival Project, hosted in 1KM1KT.

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© 2010, Aldo Ojeda